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Life Assurance

What are your financial goals? Is it retirement savings? A top education for your children? Ensuring continuous good health for you and your loved ones? Paying off your mortgage faster? Owning a beach house or all of the above?

Think about it for a moment – if your health failed or you were to die how would that affect your financial future or that of your family should they be left without you? Suddenly all of your dreams and plans for the future would need to be seriously revised or may no longer be possible.

With our help you can decide what your financial goals are and then choose the benefits that will give you the best possible chance of achieving those goals – regardless of what the future holds.

  • Life & Life Income Cover - A lump-sum or monthly payment in the event of terminal illness or death

  • Trauma Cover - A lump-sum payment in the event of a serious illness or accident

  • Complete Disablement Cover - A lump-sum payment if you become totally and permanently disabled

The good news is that with the right life insurance you can still protect what you value most – your lifestyle, your family’s future, your health as well as the home you live in. We offer a number of different benefits any of which you can choose to suit your situation.

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With 23 years experience in the mortgage brokerage industry I am committed to providing you with the highest quality professional service. 

With a reputation of offering a personalised, honest, ethical and comprehensive service I will work hard to ensure you receive the best lending package possible.  You can be confident that you will always be treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism throughout the loan process.

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