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Business Insurance

When you own a business an important part of smart survival planning is asking the hard ‘what if’ questions. What if serious illness prevented you from being able to work again? What if your top sales or technical person has a major debilitating accident? What if you or your business partner were to die suddenly?

We have a number of business products designed to protect the needs of any small to medium-sized business in New Zealand. We can provide a solution providing traditional life, complete disablement, trauma, income replacement and business overheads/locum options for your business. And we can tailor the cover to suit any business in New Zealand.

We can also offer cover specifically designed to protect the unique needs of those who work in the agricultural sector. It aims to protect the financial viability of a farm (and income), when the farmer is unable to work due to disability. We can also include the option of a lump sum payment should the farmer become permanently disabled, suffer a traumatic illness or pass away.


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